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Promoting Basket Weaving for Women

Promoting Basket Weaving For Women

Bolga is the crafts center of Northern Ghana. For many generations, weaving has been a traditional skill of the people there. The soil around Bolgatanga is not fertile enough for extensive agricultural activities. The region has an erratic rainfall pattern and generally harsh weather conditions. As a result, handicraft activities such as basket weaving, leather work, and pottery are undertaken mostly by women to supplement their incomes since they are primarily subsistence farmers. Shape  Lives  Foundation  does  work to  help these  weavers​  to sell​  their​  baskets​  in​  the​  international​  market​  by​  linking​  them​   up with buyers​  like​  you.​  We​  provide​  training  to weavers to​  weave​  quality​  baskets and​  help​  in​  the​  export​  processes.​  We​  can​  link​  you​  directly​  to​  deal​  with​  the​  weavers​  or​  work​  through​  us to​  place​   order​  on​  your​  behalf​ ​  and​  also​  help​  in​  the export​  process. Order your  Bolga  basket today  to  provide  a meal  for  a family.


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