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Energy Efficient Cook Stove and Moringa Tree Planting Program for Poor Families in Ghana

Energy Efficient Cook Stove And Moringa Tree Planting Program For Poor Families In Ghana

The typical stove used for cooking in most homes in Ghana country wide  is not much better than a stone or iron age campfire.  It is poorly insulated, inefficiently burns a lot of fire wood and it spews disease-causing particulates into the air. In addition, the weekly cost for wood helps keep numerous families in poverty.     The solution is to provide needy families with better cooking stoves. These stoves reduce or eliminate the need for wood thus reducing the demand for logging forests, reduce poverty via several ways- reduces starvation through increased crop production.   The  Shape  Lives  Foundation  is providing fuel- efficient cooking stoves  to impoverished families that cannot  afford to buy  at cash  price in  the market. In return, these families plant Moringa trees and nurture them to grow either  at their  gardens, farms  and other designated places  for their nutritional needs, protect  the environment  and to reduce  global warming.  

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