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Provision of clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in rural communities

Provision Of Clean Drinking Water And Sanitation Facilities In Rural Communities

Access to clean water and sanitation not only improves quality of life, but also brings tangible health and economic benefits and contributes to poverty reduction. The UN estimates that Sub-Saharan Africa alone loses 40 billion potential work hours per year collecting water. The rate of return on spending on water and sanitation can exceed other public investments such as infrastructure, transport, health or education. This project is designed to bring clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to remote communities in  need .We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirt! Shape Lives Foundation's model can be described as providing a local solution to a global problem. Our projects utilize local materials, local labor and ingenuity and ownership is transferred to the communities upon completion. We are continuously striving to implement better technology into our model and improve our facilities for the benefit of the community, but we also have the expertise to know what works and what doesn't. Cash or In-kind donations allow Shape Lives Foundation to direct more resources towards water projects. Please email: if you are interested in getting involved .


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